Shipping and Processing

When will I receive my package?

Shipping ≠ Processing

Shipping of your order may be slightly delayed due to inventory on hand and print schedule. Total processing time (gather, process, package, etc) can be as long as 7-14 days, unless otherwise noted on a per item basis. Once complete we release it to the courier for shipping.

Package is 'returned to sender' or rejected?

Original shipping fees are non-refundable. For items returned to Fuel and Tires due to an undeliverable address or issues with customs, refunds will be issued for the net price of your item(s) minus the shipping charge.

"Hey, my package says 'Delivered', but I never got it."

Once we release your parcel into the courier's ownership, we can't accept responsibility, issue refunds, or give credits for packages that the courier confirms as delivered or items lost, stolen, or stuck in transit. Please contact your shipping courier to locate or file a claim with them.

My shipping info is incorrect/has changed.

Unfortunately this gets dicey. Once an order is place, the likelihood of an address update processing in time before it ships is slim. However, email us at to see if we can update before it leaves with the courier. If your order had already shipped, please call the courier too update your address.