Vintage Stengers Ford Badge

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Original, non-refurbished trunk badge from the iconic Stengers Ford in Dayton, OH.

$50.00 Quantity:  


• 6” long metal badge with mounting pins
• Finished in chrome.

Stengers Ford was a staple of the region’s automotive landscape located near the corner of Dorothy Lane and Dixie Drive in Kettering, OH. Founded in 1947 by longtime member of the local Ford sales community; Clarence A. “Tom” Stenger. He was a Ford man thru-and-thru, starting his automotive career at Borchers Ford for 30 years before opening his own dealership. Ultimately he represented the blue oval brand for more than 71 years.

Stengers was known for having the newest releases and a large brand ‘personality’, complete with bears in the lobby and bringing in monster trucks for promotions.

In fact, the huge arched sign that prominently designated their lot was frequently noted as a significant piece of design within the North America signage industry for its, then, cutting edge visual presence and uniqueness.

Own this piece of Dayton automotive history to help carry on the legacy of this iconic dealership.


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