Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear
Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear

Tire Cradles - Full Set, (2) Front/(2) Rear

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Long-term storage OR daily use, TireCradles keep your tires from flat spotting.

Patented design and proprietary elastomeric blend make for the BEST parking pads on the market. They're like memory foam mattresses for your prize possession.
LIFETIME WARRANTY and the LEADER in tire preservation.
Modern tires have come a long way in terms of technology, but they will still develop flat spots when parked; sometimes temporary, other times permanent. If a tire retains a flat spot, the only fix is a replacement. TireCradles have been scientifically proven to prevent flat-spotting. Want to get nerdy (like we did) and read the entire third-party laboratory tests? Click here.

Why Tire Cradles?

"But TireCradles are flat?" Why? you ask. To allow the tire to retain its truest form. Just like the advancements in the mattress technology finally passed down from the space program. Tire Cradle's air-blown, proprietary polymer blend conforms to each tire's unique shape, insulates the tread from temperature changes on the contact patch, all of which are the main causes of flat-spotting.
Bentley Motors took it upon themselves to conduct a series of independent tests in an effort to find the highest performing flat spot prevention device for their discerning buyers and dealers. Genuine TireCradle brand products outperformed the competition. In fact, they proved so much so Bentley dealers and service centers use TireCradles.
From extensive third-party, lab testing to real-world experience, to the development of their own polymer blend and a LIFETIME WARRANTY to back it all up, Tire Cradles are second-to-none in performance, durability, and usability. 

  • TireCradles' are patented. Often imitated, never duplicated
  • Tested, recommended, and specified by Bentley Motors for their dealerships and vehicle owners.
  • Used and trusted by the National Corvette Museum
  • TireCradles insulate the rubber compounds in your tire to protect them from temperature variances on the contact patch.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty (compare that to the 90-day warranty on competing products)
  • Easy to park on... EVERY DAY. Front and rear sets for a rollover, handsfree, NO slide design.
  • Advanced material science does all the work for a perfectly 'cradled' fit, no artificial curve or 'law of averages' sizing.
  • Accepts vehicle weights up to 10,000 lbs. (Other brands boast about 6,000lbs)
  • Fits tread width from 4 to 14 inches (355mm width)
  • TireCradles were tested by STL (Standards Testing Labs*) and are proven to prevent tire flat spots.
  • Size: 14" Width x 18" Length x 1.5" Dept
    • Note: Your tires can hang off the sides of the TireCradles and still function provided the tire does not touch the ground and more than 90% of the tire's contact patch is on the TireCradle
  • Sold as One Set of Four TireCradles (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Easy to use; place the TireCradles where you normally park your car and drive onto them
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee 


* STL is the world’s largest, independent, dynamic testing facility for tires, wheels and related components. The methods they use are those specified by ASTM, DOT, SAE, ECE, and SEMA. STL’s facilities have the approval of the U.S Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Administration for the testing of tires, wheels and related components.

STL has performed testing for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and every major tire manufacturer. Considering their history STL’ s credentials leave little room for controversy and give potential customers a sense of product performance.

Not psuedo-science, Tire Cradles are the best flat-spot prevention solution money can buy. 

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